Worker-Level Training Verification

ISNetworld® worker-level tools and services help hiring organizations, contractors and suppliers ensure employees have the training, competencies and qualifications required to perform their job duties. 
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Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS platform provides complimentary, high-quality, computer-based trainings for contractors and suppliers to satisfy hiring organization requirements. It can automatically sync with ISNetworld’s Training Qualifications (TQ) Tool and features training topics and courses from third-party training providers. 

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Training Qualifications (TQ)

The TQ tool allows hiring organizations to specify which trainings are required for individual worker tasks then view the training results added by contractors and suppliers. Today, ISNetworld houses more than 20 million worker-level training records.

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Empower, ISN's mobile app, keeps workers moving forward. Frontline workers use Empower to access and manage their work-readiness information. They can also access their ISN ID, jobsite requirements, view compliance status, complete training on-the-go all through the app. Learn more about Empower.

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ISN's App for Workers

Empower is ISN's mobile app for workers. Frontline workers will benefit from using Empower to access work-readiness information. Workers may access their ISN ID, jobsite requirements, view compliance status, complete training on-the-go, and manage work-readiness information all through the app. 

  • Efficiently communicate jobsite requirements to the frontline workforce.
  • Minimize last-minute project delays and downtime due to gaps in workforce requirements.
  • Promote a more connected workforce when you combine Empower with ISN’s world class contractor management platform, ISNetworld.
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